今天给大家分享的是alwaysslightlysleepy在 patreon上的英文ASMR音声福利资源小合集,230个左右。

下方是这次分享的alwaysslightlysleepy的 patreon ASMR福利的目录和资源截图。

alwaysslightlysleepy  patreon ASMR福利音声目录列表如下

  1. alwaysslightlysleepy-A mini update before the more substantial update [raw and uncut][#nofilter].m4a
  2. alwaysslightlysleepy-An Alter Girl’s Confession.m4a
  3. alwaysslightlysleepy-FF4M.m4a
  4. alwaysslightlysleepy-Interrupted by the Darn Storm .m4a
  5. alwaysslightlysleepy-Little Sister Like To Live (And Love) Dangerously.m4a
  6. alwaysslightlysleepy-Proving Her Brother Wrong About Pregnancy.m4a
  7. alwaysslightlysleepy-Sweet Sister Loves Her Little Brother.m4a
  8. alwaysslightlysleepy-[A4A][Script Fill] Born into the Dark [Erotic poetry][Masochism].m4a
  9. alwaysslightlysleepy-[A4A][Script fill] Marks [Erotic poetry][Pain play][Submission][Sensual][Reflective].m4a
  10. alwaysslightlysleepy-[ASMR] Do some origami with me ~~ [rambles][scissors][snip snip][paper sounds][harsh noises].m4a
  11. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] ‘I Love You,’ He Said [An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write].m4a
  12. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] A Dream About Dreams [sleepy talk][cuddles][L.m4a
  13. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] A Frustrated Ramble Enjoyed Over Some Cake, Mugged [talking theatre][and also mug cakes].m4a
  14. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] A Promise for the Future [and how promising your future is][platonic][short].m4a
  15. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] A Setting Sun [internal monologue][allegory][music].m4a
  16. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Addictive. [An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write].m4a
  17. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Another dream If you say so .m4a
  18. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Anyway [excerpt from a book I’ll never write].m4a
  19. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] As Far as You Know [excerpt from a book I’ll never write].m4a
  20. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Ay, ay, Antipholus [Comedy of Errors II.ii][Adriana][Challenge][April 2017].m4a
  21. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Bringing myself to a choco.m4a
  22. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Congested Complaints 2 [More of me being sick!][rambles][short].m4a
  23. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Congested Complaints [Ramble][super short][sick sick sick].m4a
  24. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Cuddle me to sleep [my first completely improved audio][good ol’ cuddles][a bit of rambling].m4a
  25. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Had a bad day Let me take your mind off of it [platonic][story][a little melancholy].m4a
  26. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Hey baby, are you feeling any better [comfort][care][teasing][lots and lots of giggles][short].m4a
  27. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Holiday Frustrations Ramble [short][Havenmas 2016][req.m4a
  28. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] How Much I Love You [Late night rambles][lots of L.m4a
  29. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I am the Biggest Fuсk Up of 2015 [excerpt from a book I’ll never write].m4a
  30. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I didn’t delete it after all! [ukulele covers][30 min][rambles][raw audio].m4a
  31. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I don’t know if I love you romantically or not [An Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write].m4a
  32. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I had that weird dream again. [cuddles][very tired][kisses][L.m4a
  33. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I Had This Extremely Surreal Dream Last Night [cuddles][rambles][just more dreamy talk].m4a
  34. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I want to forget [sad][breakup][background music][internal monologue].m4a
  35. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I’ll never get tired of cuddling with you [Sleepy][cuddly][mumbles][yawns][rambles][L.m4a
  36. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I’m so sick . . . hold me [sick day][caring][cuddles][l.m4a
  37. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I’m so Stuck on You [excerpt from a book I’ll never write].m4a
  38. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I’m totally a hair guru now [ramble][that title is sarcastic i’m actually an idiot].m4a
  39. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] I’m Wide Awake [An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write].m4a
  40. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] It’s Been Years [3rd Installment][sad][shortish].m4a
  41. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Join me for a walk [rambles][storytelling].m4a
  42. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Just Like Spring [melancholy][okay, sad][very short][L.m4a
  43. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Late Night Rambles about MPDGs [cuddles][lbomb][romantic].m4a
  44. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Look at the Fireflies [sad][lullaby][saying goodbye][wartime][comfort][cuddles].m4a
  45. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Nostalgic Edgy Feels [singing][tiny lil’ song cover][rambles][storm].m4a
  46. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] On Robert Browning [super short ramble][poetry].m4a
  47. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] On Us and Love [music][flow of consciousness][what love is][L.m4a
  48. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Petal’s Pquestions Prepared Pfor Pondering [questionnaire][23m][rambling].m4a
  49. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Quick Christmas Cuddles [short][Havenmas 2016][Req.m4a
  50. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Random Acts of Kindness [ramble][car sounds][it was a good day].m4a
  51. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Reading Chilling Quotes [short][just a collection of quotes].m4a
  52. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Reminiscing On a Stormy Night [cuddles][when we met][appreciation][upbeat][giggles].m4a
  53. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Road trip Questionnaire! [questions by _u_texanblonde][speedy answers!].m4a
  54. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Road trip Rambles [rain][asmr][soft spoken and whispered][ear to ear].m4a
  55. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] She Used To Say ‘I Love You’ [An Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write].m4a
  56. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Sleep Questionnaire! [Part 1][March 2017][Challenge][questions by _u_texanblonde].m4a
  57. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Sleep Questionnaire! [Part 2][March 2017][Challenge][questions by _u_texanblonde].m4a
  58. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Some comfort after a long day of work [Req.m4a
  59. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Some Fairy Poetry! [reading][some rambles][unedited].m4a
  60. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Some Rainy Ukulele Jamming 2 [just a few unedited songs][rain_thunder sounds].m4a
  61. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Some rainy ukulele jamming [Girlfriend Experience][swеet, but not super romantic][long][no edits except rain].m4a
  62. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Stretching at One Ay Em [rambling][lots of mms and ahhs][musings on yoga, vocal freedom, and timezones][long][raw audio][unedited].m4a
  63. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] The Abbey Courtyard [dream][l.m4a
  64. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] This storm is keeping us awake. Let’s pass the time by talking .m4a
  65. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Waking up with you [wake up noises][kisses][L.m4a
  66. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] When you’re gone . . . [sitting by the fire][rambles][romantic][L.m4a
  67. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A] Whispering about childhood book favorites [Havenmas][Req.m4a
  68. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A]I can see right through,you know[comfort for a leader who’s hurting under the pressure,rambles,a bit improvised,a bit is always too much;.m4a
  69. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][cuddles][sleepy] You wanna hear the dream I just had [kisses][l.m4a
  70. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Reading] Regarding Fairy Girls and Lost Boys [a short story by _u_Spectral.m4a
  71. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script fill] By the time you read this [moving on][leaving].m4a
  72. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script fill] I was here waiting [short].m4a
  73. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script Fill] Sometimes The Ghost Hunts You [Podcast][Rape][Supernatural][Murder_Crimes][Spirit Sex][Rough][Choking]
  74. [Screaming][Voyeur listener][Snuff][heavily edited].m4a
  75. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][script fill] The Door [unhappy endings][sad][by _u_bevulnerable].m4a
  76. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script Fill] The Next Step [Voicemail][Relationship movement][swеet][short][written by _u_AJaredY].m4a
  77. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script fill] Those Nights [internal monologue][by _u_KyloCast][sad].m4a
  78. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script Fill]A Letter to Elise [Sweet][Narrative][Blow Job][love][Romance][Historic][Reading][Telephone].m4a
  79. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4A][Script.m4a
  80. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4F] Comfort Sex [script fill for _u_.m4a
  81. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4F][Script fill] Lady or Slut [caught masturbating][rape][blackmail][strap.m4a
  82. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4F][Script Fill]To Be Close To You[Romantic,Affectionate,L.m4a
  83. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] A Short Side Quest [dorky][first time][gaming][camming].m4a
  84. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Acting Lessons [script by _u_helikestoplay][actress and director][wow I suck at titling things][vanilla][that’s showbiz].m4a
  85. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Become an Pussy Addict [ASMR hypnosis session][long][soundscape][possible lasting effects].m4a
  86. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Cuddles and then some [DD_lg][les mis][sleeeeepy][please, Daddy][nsfw].m4a
  87. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Everything is going to be okay [Req.m4a
  88. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] First Bite [vampire][swеet][innocent][personality switch][rabid][rough][violent][blood][choking][scratching][long][aftercare][rape].m4a
  89. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Good Morning, Senpai [yandere][Fdom][part 3_4].m4a
  90. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Good Night, Dear [yandere][Fdom][part 2_4].m4a
  91. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] I can’t believe I got stood up [script.m4a
  92. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] I can’t stop thinking about you . . . [fsub][desperation][self degredation][longing][internal monologue][obsession][crying][emotional].m4a
  93. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] I need you [desperate ex][ТW .m4a
  94. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] I Should Have Told You [regrets][sad][script by _u_IceColdWidow].m4a
  95. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] I wish you could see yourself like I do. You’re so perfect. [twinсest][bro_sis][script fill][by _u_deaconrayne][no sеx][guilt].m4a
  96. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] It’s Always the Quiet Ones [script fill][by _u_homersoc][Incest][Bro_Sis][Dandere][Virginity][Psychological Issues].m4a
  97. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Let me help you sleep, Sir [gentle][submissive][asmr][countdown][romantic][handjob][binaural][cuddly][fsub].m4a
  98. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Let Me Make Your Dreams Come True [you’re asleep, I’m awake][possible ASMR][blowjob].m4a
  99. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Magical Girl Sleepy! [comedic][just another day’s work][wish granting].m4a
  100. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Making Senpai Notice Me [yandere][Fdom][Part 1_4].m4a
  101. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Taking Care of Master [no sеx][petplay][rain][cuddling][up close].m4a
  102. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] The Chakra Healer [script fill][by _u_SmutPut][vanilla][ASMR][mostly talk][relaxìng][Avatar .m4a
  103. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] The Plantation Owner’s Daughter [affectionate][but also racist][slavery][1800s][terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE accent][ASMR].m4a
  104. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Therapeutic Confessions Episode 1 [First Time][Blowjob][Creampie].m4a
  105. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Therapeutic Confessions Episode 3 [Gangbang][Knifeplay][crying a bit][lust].m4a
  106. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Until Friday [DD_lg][cuddles][dirty talk][begging][and waffles!! .m4a
  107. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Waking up daddy [daughter plays with sleeping father] [implied age] [inсest] [sleep] [blowjob] [ASMR] [rape] [just to be safe] [by u_setofwords].m4a
  108. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] We’ll figure it out. [Incest][Bro_sis][jealousy][l.m4a
  109. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] Who was that, Senpai [yandere][script fill][fdom][jealousy][humiliation][blackmail][Part 4_4].m4a
  110. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M] You won’t be alone tonight [girlfriend][werewolf transformation][short and swеet][challenge][October 2016].m4a
  111. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M]Zom.m4a
  112. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][but 3 of me at once] La Petite Morte [Script Fill for _u_kittenkanoodle][references to Greek mythology][Death][shhh][moans][triplegasm].m4a
  113. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Req.m4a
  114. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill for _u_CakesNPie] In the Realm of the Senses [snuff][blood play][Sociopath][dark].m4a
  115. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] A Walk In The Park [GFE][public][college][NYC_Central Park][blowjob][swallowing][against a tree].m4a
  116. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] And Still You Sleep [Sleep Play][Gentle][Poetic][Passionate][ASMR][layered][hypnotic].m4a
  117. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] At The Drive In [GFE][Romance][L Bomb][Fingering][Handjob][giggles galore].m4a
  118. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Back in the mood [wants and needs][loving blowjob][passionate sеx][therapeutic cuddling].m4a
  119. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] Beg me to bite you [Vampire][Femdom][Human cattle].m4a
  120. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] Behavioral Therapy [taking corrective action][let’s set your world view straight][lick my pussy and see how I like it][a very productive session].m4a
  121. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script fill] Big Sister doesn’t want to sleep alone! [Incest][Kissing][Blowjob][Face sitting][Riding][Teasing][Possible ASMR].m4a
  122. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script Fill] Come Back To Me [love making][erotic poetry][sensuαl].m4a
  123. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] Does Just Listening to a Strange Girl’s Voice Really Get You Off [humiliation][FDom][countdown][degradation].m4a
  124. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Don’t look [Medusa][Mythical][Rape][Force][Tease][Oral][sеx][Possible ASMR].m4a
  125. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Drunk Dorm Rescue [Girl Next Door Finds You On the Hallway Carpet][Flirting][Drunk Sex][College][Blowjob][Tit.m4a
  126. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Fairy Girlfriend is ‘Ready'[Fantasy][Size Difference].m4a
  127. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Girlfriend Goes Full Yandere [Rape][Drugged][We’ll be happy soon .m4a
  128. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script fill] Hot cheerleader prefers quiet guys [Quiet guy][assertive fsub][against the wall][quickie][short][not like other girls].m4a
  129. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] How did it get to this [cheating][internal monologue][by _u_KyloCast].m4a
  130. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] In the Morning [erotic][intimate][vanilla][gentle][cuddles][handjob][loving][by _u_Belle_in_the_woods].m4a
  131. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script fill] It’s always the quiet ones… [Inner Monologue][Fsub][Friends to lovers][Big dick appreciation][Nervous and rambly][Blowjob].m4a
  132. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Magical. Consent. Is. Sexy. [gfe][fdomme][flirty][teasing][mindfuck][supernatural][consensuαl control][gts][be][hypno imagery].m4a
  133. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Make it up to me with a Мassage [inсest][аnal][thunderstorm][shower][innocent to slutty][break me].m4a
  134. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] Our Beautiful Eternity [by _u_LameLunaire][Past Lives][Romance][Reminiscing].m4a
  135. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Phantasorgasmigoria 2 [HFO][No Induction][Librarian][Tall][supernatural][whispers][ASMR][FemDomme][hj].m4a
  136. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Phantasorgasmigoria [HFO][No Induction][Librarian][supernatural][whispers][ASMR][superior][hj][bj].m4a
  137. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script fill] Thank you for treating me like a woman [Loving][Incest][Daddy_Daughter][Oral][Blowjob Sounds].m4a
  138. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] The Rebound Girl [Manipulation][Topping from the bottom][Secret stalker][Fantasy][Monologue][Minimal Audio Effects].m4a
  139. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] The You They Don’t Know [Erotic Poetry][Passion][Sensual][lovers][exhibition mentions][body appreciation][layered audio][asmr][by _u_RuthieRen].m4a
  140. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Therapeutic Confessions Episode 2 [By _u_SuitAndLies][Cheating][Creampie].m4a
  141. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] Therapeutic Confessions Episode 4 [by _u_SuitandLies][Bondage][Knifeplay][Bloodplay][Rape][Snuff].m4a
  142. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Under The Pier [Handjob][Kissing][Beach][Innocent][Sweet][Shy][ASMR][beach].m4a
  143. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Unlocked [fdom][chastity][cuckold][tease and denial][slapping][bitchy].m4a
  144. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Wake up, mister, wake up! [Horror][Supernatural][Erotic][Rape][Snuff].m4a
  145. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] You’re lucky you’re a B+ [Femdom][Vampire][Human Cattle][Pavlovian Conditioning].m4a
  146. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill] Your girlfriend told me to stay away [but i’m not going to][fsub][cheating][petite][shy][long buildup][by _u_LateStageInfernalism].m4a
  147. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill] Your Section Leader Thanks You [Marching Band][Gentle Fdom][Blowjob][Age].m4a
  148. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script fill] Your Territory [fsub][mark me][make me yours][deepthroat][rough sеx][spanking][reflective][fantasy].m4a
  149. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]Are You Enjoying The View[public][handjob][encouragement][dirty talk][threesome talk][by _u_Milestogo_26][beach][ASMR].m4a
  150. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]I’m Not a Cock.m4a
  151. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]Mind.m4a
  152. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]Should We Be Doing This[friends.m4a
  153. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]Teaching each other what we’re best at [Nerdy shy girl][Fsub][but she knows what she wants][Nervous][Awkward][Stutter][Virgin][College][Shy.m4a
  154. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]To Be Close To You[Romantic][vanilla][L Bombs][Cuddles!][ASMR][Kissing][Heavy Petting][Ear Play][First Time][Virgin][Gentle][Slow Build][Reassurance][bj].m4a
  155. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script fill]We DEFINITELY Can’t Keep This A Secret[by_u_so_swеet_like_anise[sequel,inсest,bro_sis,secret love,romantic,GFE,l.m4a
  156. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][Script Fill]Won’t You Let Me Take Your Virginity Pretty Please[Male Virginity][Slutty Girl][Oral][Cum.m4a
  157. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script offer] Good Morning, I Love You [emotional][hospital scene].m4a
  158. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F4M][script.m4a
  159. alwaysslightlysleepy-[FM4A] Destiny, fate, and crossing large ponds [rambles][collab w_ u_Stef93][storytelling][long].m4a
  160. alwaysslightlysleepy-[FM][cover] A Little Fall of Rain [collab with _u_hanktehpigeon][from Les Mis].m4a
  161. alwaysslightlysleepy-[FM][cover] Baptize Me [duet with _u_Cardlin][from The Book of Mormon].m4a
  162. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Another night backstage [ramble][short].m4a
  163. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] 16 Bibliophilic Questions [questionnaire][rambles][books books books!].m4a
  164. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] 16 Personalities Test [long][Req.m4a
  165. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] A post a day! [personal challenge][posting every day of March].m4a
  166. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Accent Challenge [short and swеet and to the point].m4a
  167. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Acquainted With the Night [Robert Frost][poetry].m4a
  168. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Answering my own [questionnaire] for the [June 2017][challenge][rambles].m4a
  169. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Art History Questionnaire [just one of those random rambly rambles].m4a
  170. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Death, Be Not Proud [Reading][John Donne].m4a
  171. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Drama In the Wings [ramble][theatre talk!].m4a
  172. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Faeries and Rambles [ASMR][Binaural][whispering][soft speaking][book sounds].m4a
  173. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Favorite Thing Questionnaire [Favorite Craft][AudioCandy Weekly].m4a
  174. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] First Time Questionnaire [rambly rambles][lots’o’ stories].m4a
  175. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] GWA Verification.m4a
  176. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] How Do I Love Thee [Reading][Elizabeth Barrett Browning].m4a
  177. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] I Do Adore [cover][a capella][originally by Mindy Gledhill].m4a
  178. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] I’m Back!! [I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH .m4a
  179. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] In All My Dreams I Drown [sea shanty][ghostly].m4a
  180. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] It’s Terrible Being Nice [By Gabriel Davis][From Goodbye Charles].m4a
  181. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Last Times Questionnaire [AudioCandy Weekly Challenge].m4a
  182. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Midnight Musings! [Questionnaire by _u_CUTENGEEK][lots of ums][rambles!].m4a
  183. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] On and on! [the final post of March][rambling and singing][.m4a
  184. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Perfect Two [cover][originally by Auburn][YAY MY OWN UKULELE DID THE UKULELE THINGS].m4a
  185. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Proust Questionnaire [AudioCandy Weekly Challenge][near tears whoops].m4a
  186. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Rains of Castamere [cover][reverb][from Game of Thrones].m4a
  187. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Rambles and a Short Uke cover [melancholy][personal].m4a
  188. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Rambles and another short uke cover! [short and swеet][singing quietly].m4a
  189. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] She Used to be Mine [song cover][ukulele][Waitress].m4a
  190. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] She Walks in Beauty [Lord Byron][poetry reading][shitty English accent].m4a
  191. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Somewhere Over The Rainbow [cover][a capella][wizard of oz version].m4a
  192. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Still Hurting [singing][The Last Five Years].m4a
  193. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Talking about different theatre jobs [Answering one of your questions!][ramble].m4a
  194. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! [Weekly Questionnaire].m4a
  195. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] The Beach at Night [talkin’ about a book I like][Challenge][May 2017].m4a
  196. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] The Impossible Dream [Man of La Mancha][Song Cover][Genderbend!][Challenge][January 2017].m4a
  197. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] The Impossible Dream [Man of La Mancha][Song Cover][Genderbend!][Challenge][January 2017][V2].m4a
  198. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] The Little Things Questionnaire [Questionnaire][I need to calm down].m4a
  199. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] The Show [cover][originally by Lenka].m4a
  200. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Tongue Twister Challenge! [March 2017][challenge].m4a
  201. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F] Will The Circle Be Unbroken [Lullaby][req.m4a
  202. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][ACC] Recorder’s Questionnaire.m4a
  203. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][ACC] Unwritten [Nostalgic songs][mini cover+ramble].m4a
  204. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][ACWC Speech Jamming] ‘She seized sixxy of them at once!'[The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean][Grimm’s fairytale reading].m4a
  205. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][ACWC] My Immortal [CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, YOU EMO PUNKS.].m4a
  206. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][ACWC] Sour Candy Questionnaire [rambles].m4a
  207. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][ASMR] Going through craft supplies [tapping][scratching][whispering][crinkling][page turning].m4a
  208. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Arms [by Christina Perri][ukulele].m4a
  209. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Dead Girl Walking [Heathers The Musical].m4a
  210. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Dear Theodosia Reprise [Hamilton][i cri evry tim].m4a
  211. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Dear Theodosia [Acoustic][like seriously sorry for not feeling like editing; i literally did nothing to it][Hamilton].m4a
  212. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Demons [by Imagine Dragons][Ukulele with some Sleepy on top].m4a
  213. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Everything’s Alright [Laura Shigihara][reverb][ukulele].m4a
  214. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Far From The Home I Love [from Fiddler on the Roof].m4a
  215. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Lifeboat [Heathers the Musical].m4a
  216. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Little Talks [Of Monsters And Men][ukulele].m4a
  217. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Medicine [by Daughter][ukulele][reverb].m4a
  218. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] My Shot [Hamilton][one woman show].m4a
  219. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Peter [by Daughter][ukulele].m4a
  220. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Sal Tlay Ka Siti [The Book of Mormon].m4a
  221. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][cover] Silhouettes [Of Monsters and Men][ukulele][reverb].m4a
  222. alwaysslightlysleepy-[F][Ramble] A Mystery [sad][music].m4a
  223. alwaysslightlysleepy-[MF4A] Eerie quotes to help keep you from sleeping tonight [Happy Spoopaween!].m4a
  224. alwaysslightlysleepy-[MF4A] Yuletide Reunion [old friends][collaboration with _u_BumblingBritishBloke][Christmas][Thunderstorm][Crowd noise].m4a
  225. alwaysslightlysleepy-[MF4A][duet] City of Stars [cover][La La Land][Ft. _u_PrimeSwitch].m4a
  226. alwaysslightlysleepy-[Script fill][F4A] Sometimes I Can’t Sleep [music][early stages of a relationship][giddy][sappy][romantic][bitterswеet][By _u_Belle_in_the_woods].m4a
  227. alwaysslightlysleepy-[Script fill][F4A] Sometimes I Can’t Sleep [without music][early stages of a relationship][giddy][sappy][romantic][bitterswеet][By _u_Belle_in_the_woods].m4a
  228. alwaysslightlysleepy-[Script Fill][F4M] Before Autumn [Poetry][Moaning][ASMR][Masturbation][Longing][Virginity][JOI][Ear Blowing].m4a
  229. alwaysslightlysleepy-[Script Fill][F4M] Earth.m4a
  230. alwaysslightlysleepy-[Verification][F] figured it was about time.m4a

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