Puff ASMR福利视频预览片段



今天给大家分享的是Puff ASMR福利资源合集,上面放了一个约一分钟的预览片段,合集内共计16个asmr视频,有露脸和不露脸的,文件大小约2.0GB,此外还有助眠音频30个左右。

  • [ASMR PUFF] Flicking your tongue, licking your ears, do you like it.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Honey, I don’t want you to go to work!.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] I still want to eat you today (Oral sounds).mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Put it on your chest and listen to heartbeat.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Sister and sister together.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Adults Only.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Crush on Brother.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Eat you at the bottom of the sea ~.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Eating you with a gasp.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Gollum knocking ears + cutting space sand.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Is it okay to call you husband.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Listen to me eat marshmallows.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Massage your ears.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Most like to lick your ears.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Pinch pinecones, rub wood blocks, trigger sounds.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Pretend to fall asleep in your ear and can’t resist licking your ear.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Sleeping with my brother.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Soothing drone triggered.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Sound of flicking tongue.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Special care for nurses.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Spoiled girlfriend in your arms.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Sticky trigger tone.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Super fast helicopter-like experience.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Taking care of you after a long day at work.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Taking care of your hangover.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] The roar of the dragon!.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] The sound of rainy days touching you + water.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] Wash your hair, cover your ears, and blow on you.mp3
  • [ASMR PUFF] 吸吸 弹弹 X.mp3

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